Top 10 most popular social media sites in india for youngsters

सभी को शेयर करें ।

Top 10 most popular social media sites in India for youngsters: Hello technology lover. Welcome to dottquick. You know our new youth never live without social media but also Social media attractive them. You will be thinking such a famous on socially. Which platform better for you, Let’s see this

Social media

Top 10 most popular social media sites in India for youngsters

1. Facebook
2. Twitter

3. Instagram

4. Youtube

5. Google plus

6. Whatsapp

7. Hike

8. Facebook messenger

9. Pinterest

10. Linkedin

  • 1. Facebook – Facebook is the most popular social media network.Worldwide Facebook has over 2.01 billion, active users. It’s totally free media network, anyone gets to create own facebook account and easy to use.

You can do on facebook

  • Create a facebook account
  • Make your personal profile
  • Find new updates on news feed
  • Like your friend’s photos, videos etc
  • Message your facebook friends

Follow your favourite celebrity.

2. Twitter –Twitter is the online social platform to connects your society friends, family, celebrity, and much more . its helps to you can continue to connect with yours.

You can do on Twitter

  • Create a Twitter account, sing up and log in
  • Follow your friend, favourite celebrity and more…
  • Make Different image on social media
  • And many more…..

3. Instagram – Instagram launched in 2010 by Kevin Systrom, Instagram is the famous social networking app or site. It helps to share yours click images, videos, story, on your mobile. It’s based on photo sharing method it supports Android, iOS, and windows.

You can do on Instagram

  • Instant click your photos and videos
  • Instant share your photos and videos
  • Follow your friends and connect with your favourite celebrity
  • Make different image on Instagram

4. Youtube – youtube is very famous video sharing website. youtube launched in 2005 by PayPal employees Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. And Google purchased youtube on 9 October 2006. google have used youtube for his business model. You can share your information, talent, ideas in public, create an image like a celebrity, and Earn some money.

You can do on youtube

Create your youtube channel then Share your idea, information in public, and learn on youtube, watch your favourite videos.

5. Google plus – google plus is a Google product or social network . its mean google social networking services, Google plus founded 28 June 2011. You can share photos, links status,, Google plus has 375 million active users.

You can do on Google plus

  • Create google account and upgrade to google plus account
  • Share status, photos and more
  • You can watch updates, news, world etc..
  • And many more updates

Top messaging Application or site ….

6. Whatsapp – WhatsApp is an instant messaging app for Android and now the latest updates for computers. WhatsApp is totally free and the latest updates of WhatsApp you can upload your photos and videos on WhatsApp status for 24 hours.

You can do on WhatsApp

  • Share instant photos and videos with your friend.
  • Upload status of WhatsApp.
  • connect video call with family and friend free
  • record voice share them
  • send beautiful stickers and emojis according to your mood and feelings

7. Hike – The hike is an Indian company. it supports 9 Indian languages after creating a group of 1000 friends, Sends graphical stickers, Very funny emojis, sends a money to bank transfer with zero charges.

8. Facebook messenger – facebook messenger is a Facebook product and services. It helps to send a message to your Facebook friends. Facebook has launched messenger on 9 August 2011. It supports iOS and Andriod both are.

Facebook messenger

You can do on facebook messenger

  • Send messages, exchanges, photos, video.
  • Video call to facebook friends

9. Pinterest – Pinterest is a social networking site or App. It’s based on photo sharing concept. Pinterest launched in March 2010, It helps to pin interesting photos. like a notice board.

You can do on Pinterest

  • Pin favourite photos, create pin Share your experience with the public by your pins……

10. Linkedin – Linkedin is professional social media networking site or app. LinkedIn launched on 5 may 2003. it has 500 million members in 200 countries.

You can do on Linkedin

  • Find a job on LinkedIn
  • Connect your facebook and twitter account…

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सभी को शेयर करें ।



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